Despicable Me – Minion Rush gift code cheat combination unlock

despicable me, minion rush game

Put in the following gift code combination to unlock the free gifts!

Minion Rush gift code one
Minion Rush gift code two

Minion Rush gift code three
Minion Rush gift code four

Minion Rush gift code five

What is Minion Rush?

Now isn’t Despicable Me, minion rush game just brilliant? It’s a hugely addictive game which is available to download on your phone and tablet and is currently topping the charts for the app with the most downloads. It’s based on the movie Despicable Me 2, a 3D computer-animated family action comedy film.

Minion Rush Game Concept

The game’s concept and genre is hugely similar to the famous Temple Run, a “behind a back runner”. Your character is constantly running and you swipe left, right, up to jump and down to roll to dodge the on-coming objects. You can collect bananas along your path and spend them to buy power-ups and additional characters, a clever method to get you playing the game more and more even thought the game play is not getting in more interesting or different.

How to unlock free gifts with gift codes

On the home screen of the app, if you press on “Options” and then on the top right “gift” icon, you’ll get a screen where you can enter a combination of minions to unlock gifts;

Hope you enjoy your new unlocked items and characters with the above gift codes and have a better time playing minion rush.


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  • Written by: g

    i cant do second time

  • Written by: yenitza

    The codes are not working anymore :-(

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  • Written by: Tia

    It doesn’t even work u need different codes

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    These codes are not working. Different codes PLEASE!!!

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    I tried these.they are not WORKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING

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    I also can not do the second code

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    Don’t work

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